Thirty-six years ago, in 1979, a group of women, led by Florence Motta and Gertrude Barron, decided to try and make the world a better place for abandoned and injured animals.  After locating an affordable space to use as a shop, these women cleaned out their closets, basements and attics,  called all their friends and relations,  asked them to do the same and then bring whatever saleable items they found to the newly formed "Worthy Pause" Thrift/Gift shop.


When the friends and relations were told that the profits made from selling these items to the public would be used to better the lives of animals, they responded with great enthusiasm.  And so, The Worthy Pause was born.  Through the years our location and hours have changed,  but our dedication to helping animals and the people who help animals, has never wavered.  The help we provide ranges from; the loan of a trap to catch feral cats so they may be spayed or neutered, financial assistance for an animal's medical crisis,  providing pet food to those who are managing feral cat colonies, contributions to local no-kill shelters, or simply passing on whatever helpful information and telephone numbers we can provide to people with questions and concerns about their animals.  Although some years have been more fruitful than others, every year since our founding, we have been able to, with the generosity of our donors, and the hard work of our volunteers, to provide care and sustenance to deserving animals and emotional relief to their loving human companions.  With your continued help, and our continued commitment, we will keep working towards our goal of making the world a better place for injured and abandoned animals, for years to come. 


We have traps available. Deposits required and returned upon delivery. Call the shop for information. 718.279.8191

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