Thrift & Gift Shop

Antique and Vintage item comment: 

The Worthy Pause is delighted to receive antique and vintage items. Accordingly, an antique typewriter or sewing machine from the 1920's would be joyfully accepted. However, a contemporary typewriter or a sewing machine would not.  In addition, no matter how old something is, we still have at small shop. Thus, a Victorian sofa or dresser would have to be refused, but a pie crust side table, an antique child's chair, or nursing rocker, would be gratefully appreciated.  It's always best to stop in or call the shop ahead to review special items for donation. 

Merchandise is 100% donated and we thank everyone, past and present that have donated such wonderful items to help support the shop.  Thank you , from the entire Volunteer Staff & Board of Directors.

Thrift & Gift Shop

Merchandise turns over daily - with a little bit of this and a little bit of that in our store. We look forward to seeing you soon in our friendly shop.   The Worthy Pause, Volunteer Staff. 

Your support will help unfortunate, abandoned cats and dogs find gentle hands,

food and hopefully, loving homes. 

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